APEX Xcel Team Girls

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APEX Gymnastics has an Xcel  team that competes in USA Sanctioned events.  The season begins in November and culminates in the State Championships in May. This program is perfect for the  gymnast that wants to compete year round in a program that allows them to keep their skill level high while allowing them the flexibility to participate in other activities. Gymnasts learn routines, purchase a leotard and attend competitions if they choose.  Five – seven  competitions are scheduled per year and you may choose the ones you attend. Ages 7 – 18. Gymnasts must be evaluated for this specialized program.

Evaluations for the  Xcel Teams are ongoing!  Please contact the gym to schedule an evaluation.

2017 Xcel Summer



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APEX wants to congratulate our 2016-2017 Team Members:

Bronze:  Gillian A. , Anna A, Skylar A, Noelle B, Samantha C, Riya D, Maren D, Ainsley F, Ella H, Serena H, Samantha K, Dmaya K, Emily K, Sarah L, Emily M, Ariana M, Elina P, Lena P, AnaGrace R, Shelby S & Caroline S

Silver: Helena B, Brooke D, Grace G, Kayden H, Hannah K, Caroline M,  Natalie O, Zada P, Elizabeth P, Macy P, Abigail R, Molly R, Ellie R, Genna R, Laura S, Emily S, Carina S, Alexa S & Ruby Z

Gold: Nicole A, Rachel A, Riley C, Olivia C, Madison C, Alexa C, Grace D, Kaycee D, Meghan D, Julienne E, Alicia F, Julia G, Moria J, Lauren K,  Abigail L, Anja L, Claudia M, Christina M, Julia M, Erika M, Emily P, Maddie P, Reilly R,  Anna S & Melanie V

Platinum: Julie B, Jordan B, Molly C,  Maddy C, Mary D, Gianna D, Christina E,  Emily E, Allie F,  Kaitlyn G, Colleen H, Taylor H, Danielle K,  Caroline L , Amanda M, Rachel M, Jordan M, Maddie P,  Elle P, Breanna P, Erin R,  Noelle S,  Lindsey S, Maddie S, Jodi S & Emma W

Diamond: Julie A, Brooke C , Kristin G, Caroline J, Kathryn K,  Tali K,  Kathrin S,  Sarah S, River S,  Julia T, Alex W, &  Ellie W




Congratulations to the Xcel Teams for a fantastic showing at states!  Special congratulations to the state champions – Jenna Haran, Sarah Snare, Taylor Knowles & Courtney Walker!


Tate Drupa- 11th v

Maggie Lewis-16th fx

Kayla Crownson- 18th fx

Tiernan Gatsby- 19th ub


Lauren Kim- 12th v, 12th ub, 15th AA

Cluadia Martinez- 11th fx, 17th AA

Moira Janson- 15th fx

Abigail Lips- 19th fx

Isabella McIlvenna- 5th fx

Alicia Francis- 9th fx

Meghan Dunster- 17th v,

Jordan Giles- 10th bm, 10th fx, 12th AA

Caitlin McCabe- 13th ub, 12th fx

Jossabeth Cornejo- Longa – 19th ub, 17th bm


Jordan Michlowitz- 12th v, 6th ub, 9th fx, 11th AA

Julia Green- 10th ub, 15th AA

Rachel McGovern- 9th ub, 12th fx, 14th AA

Jordan Burnett- 9th v

Julia Miller-, 6th ub

Maddy Corson- 9th ub, 7th bm, 2nd fx, 6th AA

Noelle Sanders- 8th v, 12th ub, 12th AA

Melanie Vieyra- 13th bm

Teryn Cuozzo- 3rd bm, 2nd fx, 10th AA

Jodi Snare- 6th v


Ellie Wooten- 2nd v, 4th ub, 8th bm, 6th fx, 2nd AA

Brenna Puterio- 9th ub, 11th bm, 11th fx, 11th AA

Callie Pellegrino- 7th v, 10th ub, 4th bm, 10th fx, 9th AA

Colleen Haines- 13th v, 8th bm, 14th AA

Alex Donahue- 4th v, 11th ub, 10th bm, 6th fx, 7th AA

Kathryn Karasinski- 5th ub, 13th bm, 10 th AA


Jenna Haran- 1st v, 4th ub, 1st bm, 5th fx, 2nd AA

Katherin Shamenko- 5th v, 2nd ub, 3rd bm, 3rd fx, 4th AA

Taylor Knowles- 1st v, 6th ub, 5th bm, 1st fx, 6th AA

Sarah Snare- 2nd v, 3rd ub, 2nd bm, 1st fx, 2nd AA

Courtney Walker-1st v, 2nd ub, 1st bm, 2nd fx, 2nd AA