Team Pictures 2017

Below is the Team Picture Schedule and the Order form.  You must bring your order form or send it with your child on the day of team pictures.  They will only take individual photos of gymnasts if they choose a package that includes an individual photo.  All payment should be made payable to CJ2Sports Photography, LLC.  You may pay with CC or by check.  Pictures will be distributed by APEX when they arrive.

Please read all of the information carefully and mark the dates on the calendar.

 Competitive Teams
apexgymnastics2016dsc_2444lvl9 apexgymnastics2016dsc_2368lvl8 apexgymnastics2016dsc_3531lvl7 apexgymnastics2016dsc_3168lvl6 apexgymnastics2016dsc_2977lvl4 apexgymnastics2016dsc_2899lvl3 apexgymnastics2016dsc_3332boys apexgymnastics2016dsc_3460tt











Xcel Teams

apexgymnastics2016dsc_1960silver apexgymnastics2016dsc_2248bronze apexgymnastics2016dsc_2610plat apexgymnastics2016dsc_2713diam apexgymnastics2016dsc_3253gold apexgymnastics2016dsc_2266xcel









Developmental Teams

apexgymnastics2016dsc_1830oopalteam apexgymnastics2016dsc_1961ruby apexgymnastics2016dsc_1983topaz apexgymnastics2016dsc_2468onyx apexgymnastics2016dsc_2529sap apexgymnastics2016dsc_2823emer apexgymnastics2016dsc_3657diamondapexgymnastics2016dsc_3694pearl