Academics, as well as gymnastics, is a top priority at APEX.   We encourage our gymnasts to excel academically and support their desire to compete at the collegiate level in gymnastics and beyond!  Congratulations to the following APEX gymnasts and alumni!

Amy Smith – JMU, Athletic Training

Shannon Cain – University of Bridgeport, Gymnastics

Jennifer Krueger- JMU

Vicki Vesecky – Towson University, Gymnastics

Courtney Smith – West Chester University, Gymnastics

Erin Cotter – Christopher Newport

Avis Hixon – Towson University, Gymnastics

Sarah O’Donnell – Radford University

Shannon Daily – Air Force Academy

Anli Solly – University of Virginia

Ashley Caldwell – US Ski Team, 4 Time Olympian

Aaron Meland – Temple University, Gymnastics

Madison O’Braitis – SUNY Brockport, Gymnastics

Alex Cocozza- VCU

Rebecca Henry – Penn State University

Kylie Klokis – West Virginia University

Jasmine Denizard – Georgia Tech

Bridgette Schaal – SUNY Brockport, Gymnastics

Abby Reid – West Virginia University

Chelsea Constantine – JMU

Emily Entremont – Western Carolina University

Jessica Schaub – Longwood University

Cassidy Gagnon – Virginia Tech, Gymnastics

Katerina Friberg – Virginia Tech

Courtney Walker – Penn State University

Caitlin Villavicencio – Virginia Tech, Gymnastics

Abby Whittleton- Virginia Tech

Nate Clingman, JMU Gymnastics

Jamie Morris – University of South Carolina

Taylor Noem – William & Mary, Cheer

Morgan Wivagg – NOVA

Ashleigh Wright – Johnson & Wales

Ashley Spangler – Virginia Tech

Claudia Cardona – Virginia Tech, Gymnastics

Caitlyn Faint – Fairmont State, Acro & Tumbling

Caitie Reyes – JMU, Cheer

Amy Eck – SUNY Brockport, Gymnastics

Sarah Snare – University of South Carolina

Julia Thoppil – University of South Carolina

Molly Chapman – Naval Academy, Track & Field

Colleen Haines – JMU

Brooke Constantine – JNU

Emily Everhart – Oberlin College

Lauren Porter – Texas A & M, Gymnastics

Hannah O’Dea – King University, Acro & Tumbling

Lauren Miller -Virginia Tech

Allie Auten -VCU

River Stone – University of Virginia

Julianne Vennitti – Virginia Tech

Lillian Lin – University of Florida, Gymnastics

Kaitlin Bolton – Frostburg State University, Acro & Tumbling

Caroline Cascadden – West Chester University, Gymnastics

Ashley Bannerton – VCU, cheer

Kathrin Shamenko – NVCC

Jodi Snare – University of Kentucky

Maddy Corson – JMU

Christina Eager – Clemson University

Marlena Costanzo – Limestone University, Acro & Tumbling

Makaila Knoerzer – Limestone University, Acro & Tumbling

Emma Nuwer – University of Delaware, Gymnastics

Maria Alexandrou – William & Mary, Cheer

Dilara Michlena – Presbyterian College, Acro & Tumbling

Meghan Dunster – Frostburg State University, Acro & Tumbling

Riley Carroll – University of Pittsburgh, Cheer

Maddie Sicking – JMU

Rachel McGovern – Georgetown College (KY), Acro & Tumbling

Avery Goodlin – Longwood University

Lauren Greene – Towson University, gymnastics

Rachael Michitsch – William & Mary, cheer

Jordan Michlowitz – Penn State University

Abbie Knox – University of South Carolina

Camryn Alvarez – University of Tennessee

Maelyn Molden – Wingate University, Acro & Tumbling

Jessica Gelfound – University of Arizona

Gianna Costanzo – Kutztown University, Acro & Tumbling