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Junior Olympic (JO) gymnastics is a competitive program run by USA Gymnastics. The APEX JO program levels range from 3-10. The Junior Olympic Program provides training, evaluation, and competition opportunities to allow developing gymnasts to safely advance at their own pace through specific skill levels.The Women’s Junior Olympic Program is divided into two major segments; compulsory, and optional.

Our JO 3-10 athletes are enveloped in gymnastics training on all four Olympic events as well as continued improvement in their strength, flexibility, teamwork, and goal setting skills. Each athlete is required to have their own competition and workout leotards, as well as warm-ups. Our coaches are dedicated to work with all of our JO Team athletes to prepare them for local and out-of-state meets.

The first JO competitive level is Level 3 . It consists entirely of compulsory routines. Compulsory routines are a pre-choreographed series of skills that each competitor must perform. They are made up of core skills needed for each event, built on the skills from a previous level. The philosophy of these routines is for the athletes to practice toward perfection of these basics. The minimum age for this level is 6. The athletes are arranged in age groups at competitions. Our Level 3 athletes are dedicated to 10-12 hours of practice per week.

Levels 4 & 5 are also a compulsory levels of competition. Each level builds on the skills of the previous level and likewise is judged with higher expectations. The USAG structure is based on a progressive “step by step” building of physical, emotional and psychological skills. Proficiency of all aspects of the gymnast at each level is expected and required to insure a safe smooth movement through the levels. The minimum age for this level of competition is 7. These two levels train together and practice 12 -16 hours per week.

The Junior Olympic Levels 6-10 are dedicated to 16-20 hours a week and compete in regular meets, plus Regional and National Championships. Level 6 and is the first level of all optional competition. Optional competition consists of each gymnast performing her own routines for each event. There are five optional only levels: 6,7,8,9,10. The minimum age for level 6 & 7 is 7 years old, 8 is 8 years old, while for levels 9 and 10, it is 9 years of age. Level 8 is the third level of optional competition. Its difficulty requirements and expectations are accordingly more difficult than at level 7. Reaching Level 8 is a significant achievement for a gymnast. Levels 9 & 10 are the highest levels of competition and are for the truly dedicated and motivated gymnast.

We also offer a special program called JO Diamond.  This is for those high school gymnasts already immersed in the JO program who wish to continue with their team but want to pursue high school sports.  Gymnasts must have reached Level 7 to participate in this program which provides flexibility to compete within both the Xcel and the JO program simultaneously.

Our team philosophy is based on the priority of the team.  We emphasize team unity in everything we do and all gymnasts are expected to be supportive and respectful of their team members and coaches.

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