Team Tryouts

Be a part of our award winning teams!

All gymnasts from within APEX are evaluated and placed into team groups each year in February/March.  Team practices begin in July and run year round. There is also an open tryout in May for anyone who missed the evaluation period or is new to APEX.

Gymnasts new to APEX can also be evaluated on an appointment basis year round. Please email us at  to schedule an appointment. We are now doing evaluations for our 2023-2024 teams

Q. My child said someone evaluated them during class. What does this mean?
A: All gymnasts in our program are evaluated in January/February. If they are ready for a team, invitations go out mid-March.
Q: My child was sick the day their class was evaluated. Do I need to reschedule?
A: We keep track to ensure all gymnasts are evaluated. We will work with your child’s coaches to ensure everyone is evaluated.
Q: How will I receive my invitation?
A: Placement letters will be handed out in class. Team invitations will be included in those letters. After that most info is communicated via email so it is a good time to check your email addresses and make sure there are multiple phones numbers on your account in case of emergency.
Q: My child didn’t receive an invitation, but they really want to be on a team.
A: Talk with their coach about class recommendations. Also, there is an open tryout in May (stay tuned for more info!) for anyone who still wants to be on a developmental team.
Q: Do I have to join a team?
A: No! We have kids who choose to stay in recreational classes through high school.

Q: Will my current JO or Xcel gymnast receive another invite each year?
A: No. Current gymnasts will receive their team schedule via email in the spring. Once you are on one of these teams you remain there. Current developmental gymnasts will receive a letter each year.
Q: My child did not receive an invitation.  What should I sign them up for?
A: Most gymnasts spend at least 2 years in a recreational class before being invited to a team so keep working hard!  Most gymnasts remain in an age appropriate recreational class and we encourage 2 classes per week for those gymnasts 6 and older.