Middle School/High School

 Advanced Recreational (Invitation only) – This program focuses on teaching  skills on all of the women’s apparatus, plus trampoline. This class is for 1.5 hours. Perfect for the middle school or high school gymnast who wants to keep in shape during the off season. There is a 8:1 student- teacher ratio. This class is by invitation only. One hour classes are $110 per month, 90 minute classes are $140 per month.










Tumbling & Trampoline ( ages 6 and up) Perfect for cheerleaders, dancers, martial arts students or anyone wanting to just tumble! This tumbling and trampoline class was designed for students who do not want to work on the apparatus. This 1 hour class emphasizes tumbling skills and trampoline using our three tumble tracks, olympic trampoline and two rod floors. There is a 8:1 student -teacher ratio. This is a co-ed class and is $110 per month

Warrior Fitness  ( Ages 6 and up) combines the coordination of gymnastics, the discipline for martial arts, the creativity of parkour and the agility from obstacle course training. This fast paced class is great for kids with lots of energy to burn. It is a great way to cross-train for martial arts and other sports. This class is co-ed and is $110 per month.