Tumbling & Trampoline Team

APEX is excited to have a Tumbling & Trampoline Team that competes in Region 6.   We are proud to have crowned several state champions and have National Qualifiers and medalists in our first three years.  This is co-ed team and competes in trampoline, double mini and power tumbling.  APEX features two rod floors , one 40 foot long that goes into deep foam and one that is 85 feet long. We also have two 40 foot long tumbling trampolines, a double mini trampoline and an olympic sized trampoline for training those high flying skills!

APEX also has a TNT Pre-Team that is for students more advanced than just a recreational class.  Athletes in this program learn skills on floor, trampoline and double mini trampoline in anticipation of one day joining our T& T competition team.

Summer Vacation Workouts

TT Summer & Fall 2023_2024